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Vcds lite serial number

vcds lite serial number

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August 29th, 2012, 12:01 # 12 sudseh Veteran Member Join Date: Sep 2006 Location: Baltimore, MD TDI(s 2011 Golf 4door I have this same issue and have a real vag-com.I also went into my device manager but it doesn't show the cable.Coding - 07 - Long Coding Helper - Byte 1 Bit 2 - Check the box or change (Bit 2 Set to 1) Enable Import CDs to MMI's HD Hidden menu Main/Diagnose/Settings Import Media Set to 4 of 4 "Copy/Ripping" Enable Independent Fogs control with.If the port number assigned to your interface is between 1 and 4, remember which port it's on, then skip to stage 3 - installing VAG-COM.Enable Hidden menu in MMI 2G 07 - Control Head Adaptation - 10 - Channel 8 - Change 0 to 1 To access the hidden menu, hold down car and setup together for 5 seconds Use this hidden menu at your own risk.On the unit it says "VAG-COM CAN BUS" on one side (side with LED the other side says "Ver 704.1 Dual-K CAN - USB VAG/ISO interface" _ -SpiderJedi 2006 Silver VW Jetta TDI (01/15/10 - 6/19/13) spiderjedi May 30th, 2012, 07:01 # 7 Santos_V Ross-Tech.Disable NAV Phone warning messages while entering data at speed 5F - Information Electr.The only mods that the mummy returns penguin readers.pdf work on the Chorus, Concert or Symphony stereo are the ones that don't use hidden menu options.You may need to repeat this for the shortcut on the Start Menu.I hold no responsibility if you mess up!Enable DIS with Efficiency Program, enable Double Disarm Beep, enable Drivers Memory Seat.
I looked a few places, and the instructions are simply to Options - Test, and the new firmware will be uploaded.
Verify the port settings, download and install the VAG-COM software.
Disable Key warning (keyless models disable LED 'wink' on turn signal - pre-facelift.Stage 4: Configure the VAG-COM software Finally there are a few changes you need to make to get the software up and running.I just thought that I would mention it since I know Ross-Tech is following this thread.Coding - 07 - Long Coding Helper -Byte 16 Bit 6 - Set this bit manually to 1 (3G only) Facelift needs an extra setting to activate the option.Real: 9,8 l/100.Next you need to download VAG-COM 409.1 from the Ross-Tech website: ml (Use the link for version 409.1 - shown as 'For modern serial Interfaces.I upgraded.11.4 when not connected to my car, tested the interface, and saved the configuration (no problem here).Sometimes a new release of vcds will have a firmware update, sometimes it won't.In other words, it would have been nice if it actually told me that I needed to update the cable's firmware and told me to test the cable again.Think of the interface as having 2 halves.