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Theme installer module prestashop

theme installer module prestashop

Upload the whole folder, not just the files it contains.
In such cases, just upload that folder directly to the themes folder on your remote server.You can type the name in the search field and simply click the.Enable your theme: After you've uploading these files and folders, you will want to enable the theme by going to your admin panel preferences themes and in the screenshot section, simply select your new theme by ticking the radio icon and then click the save.To add support of this hook to new PrestaShop.7 we have to alter.tpl file of 'classic' theme.If the store is open while the module has not been fully configured, it might be a good idea to deactivate it, especially if its a payment method module, by clicking on the green check.2) Install a module manually, use this method if the manual installation does not work.However depending on your specific needs you might want to extent the applications functionality by installing additional modules.Once configuration is complete, be sure to test the module immediately to confirm that it works as planned.After completing these steps, just enable SEO friendly URLs if you've disabled them by going to your admin panel preferences SEO URLs and click the "Yes" radio icon next to "Friendly URL" and click the "Save" button.To do this, I used.If using FileZilla, simply paste your server's IP address into the host field, enter your hosting username and password and click the connect button.
In addition, the know-how required for the installation is quite basic and is something that all store managers should master.
3) Uninstall a module.How to add displayProductDeliveryTime to classic theme?If your download is zipped, you will want to unzip.Connect to addons marketplace button: The modules you have purchased will be visible through the dashboard Modules Modules Services.The shortcode is: Copy it and open the file: and at the end of the file, right before /article paste this shortcode.To do so you need to click on the.In addition to the themes and modules folder, my installation folder also contained a Config.Also keep in mind that some downloads might not contain a themes folder and may instead only contain a folder with files that make up the theme.Afterwards, go to your store's homepage or a product page and view the image URL (the way this is done no laughing batsu game will depend on your browser).If it does not work, use the manual installation method presented further below.