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Supreme commander forged alliance patch

supreme commander forged alliance patch

It was permanent and wasn't crack win 7 64 bit ultimate removed if the unit left the aura.
Description: Here is the latest patch that will update to version.5.3599 of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.
Energy Storage now costs 250M 1200E (from 120M 2400E stores 5000E (from 2000E explodes for 2000 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius and has 500 health (from 1200).Cybran t2 tank got buffed more as it was too weak compared to the others.T2 tanks now move at.5 -.7 speed now, and have 20-25 more hitpoints in return.See File/Full Details for the complete list.One campaign had been added, and the gameplay of the three existing factions has been significantly reworked.Seraphim Battleship nuke no longer flies at very high altitude.Transferred 2600 from the Harbringer√É√Ęs shield to its health Gifting Units to allies bugs fixed Eye of Rhianne remote viewing radius decreased from 45.All Units shooting at the Seraphim ACU now aim at the correct bones instead of the feet.
Execute the patch by double clicking.The.5.3599 incremental patch for Forged Alliance.Cybran Nuke Warheads now correctly detonate at their impact altitude, and not 20 units above Nano Regeneration now gives Seraphim SCUs the correct amount of hitpoints (14k instead of 45k) Seraphim SCU is no longer reclaimable UEF Lobo t1 artillery health changed from 205.Build rate decreased.Org and some former staff from FileFront, we have retained this file for posterity.The AI unit groups that are assigned to guard bases will no longer attack all over the map The AI now fires the Experimental nuke launcher more than once AI now sends out more than only the first land scout AI now can build the.Restorer max airspeed reduced to 8 from 10, health reduced to 60anti ground damage per shot reduced to 24 from.