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Pie charts in excel 2003

pie charts in excel 2003

Note: For more information about creating charts, refer.
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In Excel, you can drag the pie slices outward to explode all of the slices away from each other.
To move an embedded chart to a chart sheet: Create an embedded chart.Click your chart to select it From the Chart menu, select Chart Options.Working with Legends, legends are used to identify the type of data in the chart.Creating an embedded chart Charts can be created in either of two ways in Excel 2003: embedded charts and corel draw 10 windows 7 patch chart sheets.Pie chart, a pie chart displays the contribution of each value to the total.When the chart in the preview window looks right, click Next.Click, oK, the title is now added to your chart.Test data labels on your chart, and with other chart types, before using them on your final chart.Click your chart to select.To embed a chart in a worksheet: Choose View Toolbars Chart on the menu bar.
Format chart area This is used to format the part of the chart that is currently selected.Other charts that can be created in Excel 2003 include.Source data, this is the range of cells that make up a chart.Data series, this is the actual charted values, which are usually rows or columns of the source data.Identify different types of charts, create an embedded chart, create a chart sheet.You can create two separate pie charts, set their border to none, place them side by side, and if you like, draw a rectangle around them.