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Photoshop elements 11 change background color to white

photoshop elements 11 change background color to white

The cursor becomes an eyedropper that you can use to sample a color in the image.
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There are a couple versions of the lasso tool to suit your needs.Photoshop Elements 11 in this course.You can adjust the radial blur from 1 to 100 in addition to using the radial spin or radial zoom options.It blends them together to make it a nice smooth, line-free, blur.Now you can brighten, add color, enhance clarity, or add effects to multiple photos simultaneously.Get the help you need even if you dont know exactly how to describe it right from eLive within Photoshop Elements.NEW Touch your way to great pics.So now that youve got this border shuffling around your selection you probably want it to do the blur thing.Easily remove haze to make the background as crisp as whats up front.
Its like taking a picture out of a moving car.
Radial Blur, this is equivalent to the zoom in and zoom out feature on your camera.
Hold down your mouse over the parts of the background you would dead island script dll like to alter.Use this tool to adjust the amount you want your image to blur.Perfect group shots, never let a frown or a blink ruin a group photo again.You can learn more about these tools, amongst others, in this easy.Elements suggests four different options you just pick your favorite.Tip: A larger fifa 2003 game full version radius brush will create a greater blur.Depending on the aspect ratio of the crop box (tall or wide the vertical or horizontal flip option is displayed.The Organizer and Quick Edit mode are now touch-friendly, so you can tap to do all your finding, sorting, and quick photo enhancements.To open the Refine Edge dialog on a Mac, select a portion of an image, Control-click the selection, and choose Refine Edge.This will allow you to adjust the direction and intensity of the background image.