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Oracle 10gr2 client windows 7

oracle 10gr2 client windows 7

SQL Alter System set lgwr affirm sync db_unique_nameprimary; System altered.
And also dgmgrl failover to Primary;.
Standby Database is successfully converted to Primary Database.Start physical LOG apply service.SQL startup mount Enable Force Logging.Configuration ON primary edit, create pfile from spfile on the primary database: SQL Create from spfile; Then make/add following settings in the initPrimary.SQL insert into windows xp professional sp1 product key test 2 values 3 Michel 1 row created.SQL Alter Database Commit to Switchover to primary with session Shutdown; Database Altered.Main thing is to set the standby ct episode 3 3d game database to Maximum Availability protection mode.If nothing helps during the installation.After successful Oracle software installation, some database tools might not be able to recognize properly the Oracle client installation.Managing an entire Data Guard configuration from any system in the configuration.There is no data loss during a switchover.
SQL Archive Log List Then switch the logfile.
You can check whether the log is applied or not by querying varchived_LOG.Its basic purpose is to keep the database available to the clients all the time.The reason might be in extra network security policies that can applied in enterprises.Try to analyze the installation logs: C:Users user name.oraclelogs (created once Prerequisite Checks step is complete).TNS Service Name: to_standby (Through this service, the primary machine will be connected to standby machine).Also see, oracle 9i, Oracle 11g and.Lsnrctl stop Lsnrctl start Query the database_role column from vdatabase to view the role of primary database.Shutdown the database and again Start it to Open stage.