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Oci dll 64 bit

oci dll 64 bit

D/apache and add exports for oracle_home, LD_preload and LD_library_path * don't forget to restart apache /etc/init.
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Yes, sometimes login on as a network domain user with admin rights is NOT enough for Oracle client 64-bit installation.Make sure the Windows User you are going to use for the installation has local admin rights.Further issues with 64-bit client regarding missing oracle_home path or tnsnames.Ensure you properly followed steps: 1,2 and.Make sure you downloaded and use the proper version of Oracle client 11gR2 64-bit and Windows 64-bit version.Interesting enough that Oracle client 32-bit installation can work properly with the same domain user and the 64-bit version can be installed only using local admin user.The usual Oracle client download file is as following: elves realm hack ios win64_11gR2_client.Windows Registry Editor Version.00, "oracle_home_name"OraHome" "oracle_group_name"Oracle - OraHome" "NLS_lang"NA "home_counter"1" "default_home"OraHome" "last_home"0".It could probably be done by changing environment settings like proposed above, but this method has the advantage of not altering any settings on the server configuration.But with a few debian specific paths and commands thrown. framework.5 application (ported from.0) compiled with x86 platform setting.
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D/apache and also check nf to make sure the oracle_home/lib path is in there, and has been reloaded (with ldconfig).As an example, if after the Oracle client 64-bit installation you try to start your old favorite database tool and get an error like Can not load oci.In this case try manually set oracle_home as Windows user variable and TNS_admin as Windows system variable.I had edit registry as below.Find section labeled common_config.And us census division map depending on the default compilation options u choose, there should be a few.