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Net framework 4.5 1 won't install

net framework 4.5 1 won't install

I just had a thought and found this Dependency Walker.
The makers of all your crucial applications would have the time and resources to fully patch together their applications into self-contained packages, because developing for Windows would be an intuitive, mostly high-level process that independent developers could nail down in fairly quick order.
Sincerely, Needing.NET, dear Needing,.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to create applications more easily.Copy that message downon paper, if selecting and hitting ControlC seems out of reachand search the web with it in"s, along with ".NET framework." From what we've seen, nearly every potential issue involving.NET has been posted to a tech support forum somewhere, and.The existence of the Release dword indicates that the.NET Framework.5 or newer has been installed on that computer.I haven't checked the other machine yet to see whether it's being offered on that one as well.I ran framework diagnostic and for the version for the program to search for,.6.2 was not listed so I chose.5 which was the highest on the list.Not very clean but effective.Lots of programs that use.Net check for the version and if you don't have the version they were written for they will tell you so and refuse to run.Yes, the older versions of any NF should be uninstalled (IF they are installed) as whatever apps (if any) you have that uses.NET Framework.x (NF) should (and will) be using the newest version.Along with pretty common programs I am running Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.It contradicts everything I have remembered reading about.Net.I am on Win 7 SP1.
Hard drive space is cheaper than ever, but as Parkinson's Law dictates, your data (and, Read more, another common problem involves older versions.NET and, perhaps, their misbehavior on your system.
In the Open box, enter regedit.It's KB2993928 relating to T MVC.0.Can I uninstall (through Programs and Features).5,.5.1,.5.2, and.6?Company site design / logo 2017 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa.0 with attribution required.Is there green arrow pc game anything else I can try?05/17/17,20:41:56 Install state for.NET Framework.6.2: not installed.Edit : I was wrong about ver.HTH, may the Forces of good computing be with you!