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Kuroko's basketball episode 22

kuroko's basketball episode 22

Suddenly, Kuroko yells out to Kise that he believes in him and Kise returns back from his numb state, claiming that he will win.
With one minute remaining, Touou is still in the comodo firewall mac os x lead, 98-106.
Kuroko, Midorima, Kise and Kagami are left at the same table.Absolutely determined to win, Aomine scores an impossibly difficult Formless Shot from behind the backboard to bring the score to 97-100 in Touou's favor, with only 15 seconds left.47 22 "No Question" "Kimatter" March 9, 2014 Himuro executes a superb fake on Kagami, then smoothly transitions to take a jump shot, to which Kagami and Hyuga cannot react.Kuroko prevents Kagami from punching one of the players in anger.Murasakibara certified himself that the rebound is his, but Kiyoshi grabs the ball with one hand and makes the putback dunk over Murasakibara.The seniors hold their own, using their specialties such as Izuki's "Eagle Eye".Despite Aomine's teammates' and coach's worry about his foul trouble, he successfully blocks Kise's dunk at the end of the quarter.Kuroko is subbed out for Mitobe.Kagami is evaded by two cutbacks using Akashi's Emperor Eye.
The coach sets up a practice match with Kaijou, a strong team, with one of the members of the Generation of Miracles, Ryota Kise.
Imayoshi is shocked, wondering if Kuroko had believed in Aomine instead of Kagami, but Kuroko reveals that he had actually believed in both of them.The next time, He manages to pass Takao's screen, and touch the ball again as Midorima goes for a long shot.Kuroko is attempting to develop a new technique of which Midorima is skeptical.Kuroko tells the team he has a plan.While he copies the moves of the individual, he also alters the timing of the move.Kise asks Kuroko why he left basketball in middle school; Kuroko tells him he hated basketball at the time.Kuroko, is determined to win the match for the seniors.Another first-year takes Fukuda's place.Kuroko wants Kagami to give Aomine a chance to play with a smile again, with the feeling of loving basketball.