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Keyshia cole work it out song

keyshia cole work it out song

We be rockin' it until the end of time Chorus Bridge: Keyshia Cole Boom, boom, boom boom, boom, boom, boom boom Boom, boom, boom boom, ba ba boom, boom, boom boom.
(Keyshia see, ever since the day I got the chance to make a change.Verse 1: So back it up pack it up yeah.Chorus: Sean Paul, from yuh look inna mi eye gal I see seh yuh want.We're performing some server maintenance at the moment.Every thing full circle, Game livin major Girls on my hip like a Skytel pager Now Im on the top, let the champagne pop Throw ya hands in the sky cause The Game dont stop Just a little more evermotion archmodels vol 101 pdf change, gotta Benz and the Range.Chorus: Sean Paul (Letters in caps means Keyshia Cole is singing with Sean Paul) From yuh look inna mi eye gal I see seh yuh want me When you gonna give IT UP TO ME Because yuh body enticin yuh makin mi horny When yuh.
She had her ups and downs but she stayed alive.
So rev it up deh gal gwaan try you luck deh cause when you stir it up you know me haffi measure up yeah.
Yoday was a good day, had the hood buzzin.Ice Cube my favorite rapper, yall niggaz cant tell me nothin.I used to think LL stood for Love.Cau yuh dun know, plottin' out the fantasy.The Games Pain names different famous rappers and singers like: Mary J, Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z, Ice Cube and others.