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Heroes 5 collectors edition patch 1.1

heroes 5 collectors edition patch 1.1

Underground Jungles now have a Mud Wall background.
"Can mine Meteorite ".
Hotbar slots now show their respective shortcut keys.Players who haven't cheated will no longer be flagged as a cheater.(N empire: Total War.Space Gun now has a value.Coins held on the cursor will correctly be dropped on death.When Snow Balla kills you with his projectiles, the death message states you were killed by sand, like if you were hit by an Antlion.Fixed a bug where water is consumed when a player cures Corruption with Purification Powder while standing in water.Occasionally, summoning bosses with items such as Suspicious Looking Eye, Worm Food, etc.Torches now work correctly when being placed on wooden platforms.
MB ( Changelist and downloads ) added Sinking Island: Mord im Paradies german version.1.2 1MB ( Changelist and downloads ) Many thank yous again go to Damador.
Crystal Shards can grow to the right, left or below a Pearlstone, but never above one, unless it is supported by a separate pearlstone block.
The crafting and armor interface text will fade out when an item tooltip is in front.8 Problems Although the game mentions "sound irregularities" on the disc as a result of emulating Majora's Mask on the GameCube, no mention is made of the game freezing.There is a new biome, the Hallow, that will be created when the Wall of Flesh is defeated (when hardmode is activated).Enemy spawn distance has been pushed back to the maximum resolution to ensure that they will never spawn on the screen.Fixed a bug that could crash the server when the max amount of clients are connected.If you try to place a Music Box that has already recorded a song on a Table in Single Player (but not Multiplayer it will instead drop on the ground along with up to 6 copies of itself.1.0.2 Patch.0.2 was released on May 23rd, 2011.(N total War: Shogun.( Breathing Reed, Grappling Hook, Jungle Rose.) Ammo kimi no iru machi episode 4 items are now listed as Ammo in their tool-tip and Equipable Items that offer no stat bonus list as Vanity Items in their tool-tip.(N zanna bianca ebook gratis iL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.