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Game battlefield bad company 2 vietnam

game battlefield bad company 2 vietnam

The second stage opens out into a yawning, smoking abyss of fire and tree stumps.
Anyone who played much Bad Company 2 was likely made quite familiar with red hat linux advanced server release 2.1 the sniper-like accuracy of medics with long-range scopes attached to their machine guns, and I'll admit to being aggressive from across the map as an engineer with the aid of a red.
Gallery The official logo of the expansion pack An available wallpaper from the fankit An official art work photo The promotional art soldier of the Vietnam shark codecs windows 7 64 bit expansion wielding a 870 Combat.It is important to note that all the versions are essentially identical.We rounded a corner, sights raised, to be confronted by a six foot jet of flame attached to a skinny Vietnamese man.It was harrowing, in the best possible way.I found no safe spots in the jungle or in the scree of open ground.Contents show, features, factions, maps, weapons and Gadgets, vehicles.By Arthur Gies, earlier this year, dice released what I consider the best multiplayer shooter of 2010 with Battlefield: Bad Company.The PlayStation 3 version of the game received an 88, 2 however based on only 15 reviews and with the same score range.Addition of the, flamethrower as an infantry weapon and on tanks (replacing the Co-Axial MG for the.Add a photo to this gallery Videos Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Launch Trailer-0 Launch trailer bfbc2 accent access password recovery 2.02 Vietnam Operation Hastings The Battle for Hastings trailer Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Flame-thrower Action Flame-thrower Action TGS 2010 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Cinematic Trailer The Tokyo.Immediately our meticulous plans were fucked, and I was treated to the scarring image of three men backpedalling as fast as possible while their skin charred and their characters shrieked.
Black Ops this isn't; Bad Company 2 - Vietnam feels like it takes place more than 40 years before the main game, and there aren't any weird anachronistic pieces of future tech around to break the illusion.
It's ragged and frantic, and despite a smaller weapon-pool than its daddy, more noisy and lethal than Bad Company.Radio Soundtrack, main article: Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Radio Soundtrack.If I was going to get a crippling psychological condition brought on by the horror of ceaseless war, I would want it to be from Vietnam.Honestly, the most confusing thing about Bad Company 2 - Vietnam is why it isn't a separate game entirely.Fights are closer and more vicious more often, which is assisted by environments and level design that break up most long lines of sight and which provide a ton of hiding places.During ten hours in the jungle, I've seen enough shit to ruin my psyche for life - my immediate response is still to helicopter myself back in for another tour of duty.