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Dance moms season 3 episode 28

dance moms season 3 episode 28

Do you think Melissa was right to break her pact with the Moms?
Paige says yes Kendall (same question for her, shes been improving in private lessons with James Nia (also improving due to extra classes Mackenzie (lost to Asia, getting too old for getting by because she's cute Chloe gta 5 first gameplay (had a great performance and looked beautiful, but.Its not lost on Chloes mom Christi that Maddie excels at tap (she been taking lessons since age 4 but Chloe has never done hip hop (they dont even each hip hop at the aldc).This week our dancelings will travel to the In10sity Dance competition in Syracuse.The kids say yes, the Moms say nothing, and for Abby the feeling is mutual she only missed the girls.Abby tells Melissa if she doesnt want to sit in the Moms den she can work the front desk or hang in the studio and watch Mackenzies solo rehearsal.Revenge of the Replacements, s 3, e 6, boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties.That kid was like a pro.
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Dance Moms Chatter, Part 1 when Abby said all the girls were invited to LA to perform on audc, but only Maddie showed up?When Kelly asks Melissa what her meeting with Abby was about, Melissa tells her, Its none of your concern not that you care because you hate my kids, and then says, Im sure you wish I would die in a car accident.S 3, e 4, liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!Christi says making Chloe do this dance is just a way for Abby to humiliate her.By glamorosi, on, dance Moms season 3, episode 28 titled Tap Versus Hip Hop, studio owner Abby Lee Miller returns from LA where she was filming the season.She is a fabulous dancer, as always, but the choreography for Beautiful lacks punch.S 3, e 16, may I Have This Dance?Mackenzie is up first with her California Adventure acro solo.Because of this, Christi calls Melissa out for not being a team player, and Melissa responds, Thats my choice as a parent.When Abby rehearses with Maddie, she tells the young dancer theres no way they are going to let Chloe beat her.