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Cios installer rev 19

cios installer rev 19

Cios36 rev 05 : cios36 rev 05: - ES_CloseContent frozen cd colonna sonora permission check removed.
Added support for IOS logging through USB Gecko.
ES plugin removed.nand emulation system added (from SD / USB device).Custom IOS Installer (rev 19) developed by Waninkoko, disclaimer : - this application comes with NO warranty AT ALL, neither express NOR implied.Removed nand permissions check.Changelog ciosx rev 19 : - Fixed the cover register emulation in DIP plugin.Fixed bug in DIP and FFS plugins (this caused the sdhc module bug).
kwiirk, for his ehci module.
Cios36 rev 09: - ehci module made by kwiirk added.
ES_DeleteTicket and ES_DeleteTitle now can delete system titles.The Custom IOS38Installer was programmed to unlock new features for the Wii by a new IOS249 installed as patched IOS38.FAT support in DIP plugin.sorg, for his cover check patch.Description : - This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add some new features not available in the official IOS.