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Best chinese english dictionary app ios

best chinese english dictionary app ios

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With only serial number easy case 4.2 a couple of clicks on the screen, select the input and output languages and then enter the desired text.Hanping (Android) Hanping is a great Chinese dictionary app.Another cool thing about dictionary applications is that you can usually use them offline.Just talk to your device and the application will reproduce the translated words at a very good quality.It supports 21 languages from which only a dozen have the speech feature implemented and for the others translations are shown as a text.With their last application a user can easily translate words or phrases in other languages by just speaking or typing them.Cons: Its basic interface.Installing a popup dictionary Chinese Pop-up dictionaries are usually plugins or extensions you add to your browser.It has improved playback and searching powers and should run faster and more smoothly than before.Chinese popup dictionaries are great complements to online dictionaries, and also work as standalones.
This feature is pretty awesome, when youre looking up words the first result will be your target word and the following results Hanping shows you, are all started with your target word.
Not all is wonderful about these plugins, but one things for sure: they make reading Chinese online wonderfully easier.
Voice Translate Pro Voice Translate Pro simplifies the whole process of translating words or phrases.Technology has changed that completely.Thats really interesting to get to know the slight differences between the words.From online dictionaries to dictionary applications, weve reviewed 8 Chinese dictionaries to help you choose the one that will suit you the best.You won't need to with these 9 translation apps.Fair warning: Weve left the hardest task to you: picking the one that fits you best!